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Talking to your school

Dealing with the myth that “Gender Identity” exists or is empirically validated


If a school thinks your child has a ‘gender identity’ of the opposite sex. They can without your say, proceed to 'affirm' your child as the opposite sex with a change of name, documentation, uniform change and instruct the entire school to treat your child as if that is so. They teach:

1. Everyone has an internal sense of gender identity but there is no agreement on whether there are 2 genders, 112, or as many as there are people in the world.

2. Gender identity is something we choose to perform, our clothes, our mannerisms, 'feminine' or 'masculine' behaviour. Taking us back to the 1950s with regressive conformance to gender stereotypes and norms.


3. That Gender dysphoria is an identity. It's not. It’s a diagnosable mental condition.

This is social transitioning and it’s a conveyor belt for medical transitioning, which causes irreparable harm.

What are 7 simple things to say to a woke teacher.


1. There is no empirical evidence for 'gender identity'.  
A group of more than 100 clinicians and researchers from around the world have stated that there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of "gender identity," nor is there any laboratory test that can accurately differentiate between a person who identifies as trans and one who does not.

2. ‘Authentic identity’ for children is a myth. Children and youth can go through a series of 'identities' as they mature. As adults we do not treat every declaration our children make as though its permanent. It’s an Authentic Identity until it’s not. The fact is they're CHILDREN.

3. Leave the kids alone. 80-98 % of children suffering gender dysphoria re-identify with their sex after undergoing puberty. Do not concretise a phase they'll grow out of - by putting them on a conveyor belt to medicalisation.

4. Determining Gender dysphoria is not the professional expertise of teachers. It may be that some students (.01 %) will ultimately identify as transgender as adults, but neither child, parents, doctors or psychologists can predict that, certainly not teachers untrained in the health profession.

5. Other Conditions Can Present As Gender Dysphoria – Over 60-98% of students with gender dysphoria often have autism, sexual assault, trauma, internalised homophobia & other undiagnosed conditions that require professional evaluation and family support. Not school intervention.

6. Gender Dysphoria is a diagnosable mental condition; it is not an identity. 'It violates my parental right for you the school to socially transition my child behind my back if you thinks my child has gender dysphoria. The best interests of the child are with me the parent and health professionals.'

7. Disproved Original Theory – The teacher might not know that the concept of gender identity was popularized by John Money in the 1960’s and famously proven wrong when he attempted to raise a boy who had been accidentally castrated from a botched circumcision as a girl. Money believed that gender identity was socially constructed & after being raised as a girl for the first 30 months of life the boy would identify as a girl. That didn’t work, and the boy now known as David Reimer eventually reclaimed his birth sex, but sadly suicided as an adult.

If a teacher attacks or dismisses you as a right winger, anti-trans or as 'religious'.

   Here's two things you can say:

1. 'You are using an ad hominem argument; you are attacking me as a parent, rather than debating the consequences of your actions on my child. This is inappropriate, we don't label those we disagree with or assume anything other than the best and highest motives, do we?


2. “I am neither anti-trans nor have a right wing agenda. I expect you to recognise my parental rights and follow the best available scientific evidence. Not to advance a political agenda or erase LGB kids which is abhorrent.”

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