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Misson Statement

1. We stand for the sex-based rights of lesbians, gays and bisexuals and their full right of acceptance as people worthy of human respect and esteem. 


2. We are human with either a male or female body with distinct biological functions, each with a unique personality coloured not just by sexual orientation but shaded by our race, ethnicity, religion, country, class, family history, abilities, our unique individual experiences of life and our goals. We pursue the right to be fully human and not be limited to gender stereotypes or fitted into pre-packaged 'gender identities'. 

3. We stand for the rights of children and children’s physical and psycho-social well-being; we are against the removal of parental rights by the state in any pursuit of influencing minors to be consumers of social, medical or surgical transitioning which is against Articles 3, 5, 9, 17, 19, 33, 34, 35, 36 in the UN Convention on the rights of the child. This is especially important in the case of non-gender-conforming children who predominantly come from our LGB community, those suffering gender dysphoria or depression and are on the autistic spectrum.

4. We believe in recognising and respecting the unique contributions of males and females to bringing life into the world. We believe in the right of a mother who birthed a child to nurse her child, in the interests of her child's wellbeing and health.

5. We stand for the right for people to believe any religion or ideology. However, we stand for the right not to believe another’s ideology. We stand against sanctions legal or otherwise, to impose conformity with gender identity ideology. Our beliefs should be a matter of choice, not state, government or corporate imposition.

6.  We stand against sanctions legal or otherwise, on free speech, whether by government, corporate or educational institutions.

7. We insist that lesbians, gay men and bisexuals like us do not have a gender identity and we consider it a regressive, sexist idea.

8. We support Women’s rights, as is clear in CEDAW, which are based on women’s biology, and women’s role in reproductive rights. All the violence, abuse, harassment and discrimination targeting women is based on their biology. Any attempt to underplay the importance of biological sex is an assault on women’s rights.


9. In particular, women have a right to their single-sex spaces and services, including sport, prisons, rape shelters, and hospital wards and so on. A person born male who identifies as a woman is still male. The notion that a person’s self-definition can override the differences between the sexes is an egregious assault on women’s rights.

10. We stand against self-identification as a means of effecting a change of sex in law as it erases the sex-based rights of women.

11. We stand against males being included in female data collection. Without female data, everything from safety gear to urban design to seat belts to heart attack recognitions is biased toward men. The effects range from inconvenient to deadly.

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